“The Day, When I Met Her”

It all started, when I was getting ready for the morning lecturer’s. I had a breakfast, with little chat with my dad about studies, kept books and leaved home. What a beautiful morning it was ? A cloudy morning, the sky was full of cloudy bunch with a little sunlight as it feel’s you’re sitting on top of the world, you look around and all you can see are cloudy skies and sunshine and Expecting a rain to come. Those days don’t come around all the time, it happen’s once in a life time but when they come do you get back and realize how great  life is ? The birds are on their work, doing a variety of volcanisations at different pitches & loudness levels depending on their proximity to others of their kind. The chattering sound is common when their are birds in proximity which gives a pleasant Voice to your ears every morning..

As I am on the way to college, reached near a bus stop, waiting for a bus. It’s almost half an hour but still I was waited For the bus. That’s the moment she approached near a bus stop. “Gorgeous, Stunning, breathtaking, beautiful, angelic she was. Her beauty was beyond compare, with flaming locks of auburn hair, ivory skin, and eyes are like  oceans which you want to dive in, her smile is like a breath of spring, her voice is as soft as summer rain talking on a cell phone. I was like Love at first Sight. I felt like all things are stopped. A Big silence in the environment has distributed and I was looking forward to seeing that girl. Now the clouds are started lightning and dazzling  all over with a loud noise. Now she was all completed talking on cell and almost kept her cell phone in her purse in between this a rain starts very fast with a terrible lightning and dazzling.

We started running towards a shelter to protect us from the rain. We got a shelter at a shop which was behind the bus stop. We stand their altogether. The smell of rain when it falls on dry soil gives a pleasant smell that frequently accompanies the first rain after a long period of warm and dry weather. The first rain gives something like a pleasant happiness. The children’s are playing in the rain with no fear of suffering from ill or fever. They kicked in water, jumped into muddy water and enjoying at the most. By seeing this all she was also wanted to join and enjoy with them but she doesn’t leaved the point where she stands. All she done was a “Smile” on her face by seeing children’s enjoyment. I wanted to talk with her but I have no courage. All I done was kept looking at her!.

She doesn’t looked at me, not atleast once, but all of that I was in love with her cuteness, her smile, her eyes. I was all in love with her but I don’t have a courage to say a “Hi”. All of the sudden rain stopped​. The bird’s are ready to fly with happiness again. The children’s are ready to go to their home and going to be listen by their mom. The Shelter’s people are ready to go to their work. She was also came back to the bus stop again and waited for the bus. I was too approached at the bus stop. The roads are full of dirt water, the clothes was getting dirty. She waited for the bus for more 10 minutes and because of heavy rainfall their is traffic everywhere on the road as vehicles doesn’t able to move. After 20 minutes of heavy rainfall the water is now less on the roads, the traffic was getting distributed now and between this all I gather too much courage to start a conversation with her, but I can’t able to do. I don’t know why I was so scared ? But yeah I can’t…

 Now she was ready to leave the bus and go with the Auto. She started asking “Bhaiya Ghansoli chaloge ?” As I was wanted to go for college, the Ghansoli falls in between the college. So I was too started asking for “Bhaiya Koparkhairane Chaloge ?” After asking for 2-3 Auto wallas we finally got one, as their was a heavy rainfall, so no Auto Drivers want to take a big distance fair ₹. Rainfall is the reason why “Mumbai Locals are not working”.  So finally we sitted into the  auto after standing near about 45 minutes. I got one more chance to start a Convo with her. This time with lots of courage I said “Hi” with buffering. The reply was nothing as I might thinked she doesn’t got my voice. The voice she heard it or not ? this is what my mind started thinking. I was again said “Hi” with a smaller tone. This time I thinked the reply was sure going to be a “Hi” but no. She looked at me with an awkward & that’s enough. She brought her cell phone out and started making a call. “I felt very scared as I was thinked that she dials to a COP ? 

But no she makes a call to her brother and told “Bhaiya thoda late hojayega, traffic hai” and kept her cell phone in the purse again. Now I was like shattering my mouth and seeing infront of the driver. She began to watch outside, after a while I got a voice of “Hi” with her. I was like the happiest man on the earth.. with a lovely piece of tone I replied “Hi”. She began to ask “where are you going ?” I replied college with a smile on my face. I was not asked a single question to her, as she started talking atleast with me that’s the deal.

She again asked “where is your college?” I replied Koparkhairane with a smile again. She was began to think like I m shy, as I doesn’t asked anything, only given answer’s to her question. So the turn of asking is mine now, I was wondering what should I ask at first time. As I show a “Golgappa stall” outside on the road, I asked suddenly do you like Golgappa ? In loud noise… She began to laugh very hard, I thinked wether I asked something strange ? But a lovely piece of tone saying “YES” blown my mind.. I asked quickly Should be try now ?? She said “NO” I don’t have a time [phir kabhi], I asked quickly Kab ?? She began to smile continues..

As Ghansoli is 10 minutes away from us we started chatting like friends… I was thinking of asking her phone number, but the way she was chatting with me is truly amazing.. By asking a phone number, I don’t want to interrupt our conversation’s and it might leads to silency disorder. I skipped that question from asking. Now she was all Comfortable while talking with me the fearness has gone of her. I thinked can I take a chance for asking her phone number now, my heart says Yes, but mind says No.. but I was waited for the right time. Now the destination of her is just 4 minutes away from us. I got tensed and wondered whether should I ask it or not..

And finally I asked her “Can I get your cell phone number” the first reaction she given of shockness. She ignored my question and began to bee a silent. After 2 minutes of her silency disorder, she brokes it and told me 7888****03 and I was like am I dreaming ?? Her destination is now begin to reach with in a moment. By seeing her eyes I felt that something she wants to ask/tells but, she leaved the Auto with a Bye message.. and Between all of this I forgotted to ask her Name atleast…

I had lots of questions in my mind to ask her….? But all questions remains in my mind like a glue… The Auto has finally reached to KoparKhairne now and I was all over to the college, sitting in a lecture and wondering about that princess is what my heart shows….

All of the sudden the alarm starts ringing and I finally Woke up…..

With love from,,

– Ajaypratap Singh

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